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September 2021 Meeting

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), South Eastern Virginia Chapter (AEE-SEVA) Virtual Chapter Meeting: September 22, 2021 - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Direct Energy representatives will discuss the impact of recent energy market trends on your utility spend, potential energy procurement strategies and an update on trends and alternatives for renewable energy and achieving sustainability goals.

Title: Navigating an Energy Market In Transition

Presentation Synopsis: Join Hans Rottmann, Mike Harris, and Clay Bedwell to understand how to leverage energy supply and offsite renewables to effectively navigate the rapidly changing US energy market. Topics discussed will include the impact of recent energy market trends on your utility spend, potential energy procurement strategies, and an examination of various types of offsite renewable transaction structures and how they are being utilized to decarbonize the energy sector.

Clay Bedwell Bio:

Clay is the Senior Manager of Renewable Services Commercial Strategy at Direct Energy Business with a dedicated focus on offsite renewables. He collaborates directly on the design and execution of complex renewable energy transactions, leads the development of new products and offerings, and contributes to the overall strategic vision DEB and NRG renewable initiatives. Motivated by a lifelong passion for the outdoors and environmentalism, Clay believes that the path to a material renewable transition relies on increasing the accessibility of renewables through novel transaction structures, expanding competitive energy markets to provide more end users with a true renewable choice, and leveraging demand side management. Clay joined Direct Energy Business in early 2018 and brings a wealth of information from nearly 15 years of energy management experience primarily focused on helping customers successfully navigate the renewables landscape.

Hans Rottmann Bio: 

Hans is a Manager of Technical Sales at NRG. Hans leads a team that works with sales representatives to offer energy solutions to customers. The solutions include complex retail gas & electric products, renewable services and demand side capabilities. Prior to his current role, Hans led the Market Intelligence Team and also worked with some of Direct Energy’s largest key customers to develop and implement energy procurement strategies. Hans has over 30 years of experience in the wholesale and retail energy markets. Hans came to NRG via the recent acquisition where he started in 2000. Hans received both his Bachelors of Science in Accounting, cum laude, and his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo.

Michael Harris Bio:

Michael is on the Technical Sales team at NRG and joined Direct Energy in 2014. He has spent over 15 years in the energy industry working with customers in the PJM markets to support their energy management strategies related to power and gas procurement strategies, demand and efficiency programs and sustainability and renewable efforts. Primarily, with a focus on helping customer learn and understand the solutions and options that are available to their organization and how they can benefit their overall energy management efforts

Attendee Survey Questions:

  • Who do you buy electricity from?
    • Utility (Dominion / Allegheny)
    • Retail supplier
    • I don’t know
  • Who do you buy natural gas from?
    • Utility
    • Retail supplier
    • I don’t know
  • What type of renewable energy have you purchased (check all that apply) ?
    • Dominion renewable tariff
    • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) ?
    • Onsite generation (solar, wind, etc)
    • Carbon offsets
    • Something else
    • None
  • What is a Renewable Energy Credit?